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Our report forms are READABLE and UNDERSTANDABLE. The buyer does not have to search for deficiencies. The report guides even the most experienced inspector through the items which need checking. The standard notes save valuable time and accurately states what you wish to communicate.

"I find these reports informative, yet easy to read and understand;
very thorough, but to the point with no unnecessary material."
-Heather: Hinsdale, MA

"Other reports seem to have too little, too much or are too confusing for me. This one
gets the information to the buyer clearly and helps them understand it."
-Adam: Lakeside, GA

"Drew, congratulations on a very generic report that the Midwest can use.
I've seen east coast and west coast reports which are biased to their location, but this one fits our needs. Thank you."
-Dan: Minneapolis, MN

"Drew, after completing the first dozen reports, I was amazed at the information I had given my clients. With my old reports, I had to write and write just to meet the ASHI requirements and my hand was always tired. When I was done with the first few reports, I kept leafing through to see if I had forgotten anything. I had not!  I finish my inspections sooner. Thanks, great report."
-Bill: Woodbury, CT

The advantages to our Report Forms include not only less time on site, but also clear and professionally printed figures and diagrams.


Our report consists of nine pages of checklists and information
PLUS nine pages of facts, figures, and diagrams.






Cover Options

*sections not included on website but in report


REPORT FORMS:  Specs & Pricing

CONTENTS:  27 pages, 9 pages are 3 part NCR (carbonless)

SECTIONS:  Contract, Structure, Electric, Plumbing, Baths, Heating, Interior, Exterior, Optional



Custom cover using the design/logo of your choice, no extra cost in black ink
Your name imprinted on each page ($50 per order)
Contract and Summary page
ASHI Standards (limit liability by defining inspection limits)
Tables (i.e. wire size, insulation R values)
Repair costs
Life expectancies
Diagrams describing structure components, heat systems, etc.


Sample Package, including report: $20;
deductible from first order of ten or more reports

MA Residents, add 5% tax
Check/Money Order

1 Report             $20
10 Reports         $180
50 Reports         $800
100 Reports       $1400

Price includes shipping in the U.S. and for orders of 10 or more.
Your reports will come with complimentary custom front covers on ivory or grey stock with black print.

The Home Facts Handbook

The importance of the handbook to you is to promote your business and add credibility.

This book was written to help home buyers understand the different mechanics involving their home.

The book consists of 32 pages plus glossy cover.  The cover can be customized advertising your business.  You may also choose what goes into the space on the inside front and back cover, i.e. letter from you describing your services, etc.

Customize the back cover.  We suggest using it as a referral system, a directory of key services that would be useful to the home buyer.
You may choose to sell lines to those businesses to defray the cost of the books to you.

Distribute through real estate offices, attorneys, banks, mortgage companies and home buyers/sellers.  Leave one in each home inspected (many sellers will also be buying).  This book is much more impressive than a business card or brochure.

prices are down below


Air Conditioning 5

Air Moisture 4

Alarms & Monitors 31

Asbestos 16, 17

Basement Water 8,9

Decks - Wood/Stain 13

Electric 13,14

Heating Systems 27, 28

Home Inspection 32

Lead Paint 2

Maintenance: Electric 35

Maintenance: Emergency 33

Maintenance: Old windows 34

Maintenance: Pointing Mortar 36

Maintenance: Squeaky floor 37

Maintenance: Toilet 38

Mold 22, 23

Oil Tanks, Buried 28

Peeling Paint 10

Radon Gas 29, 30

Reducing Utility Bills 6, 7

Septic Systems 18, 19

Shingled Roofs 3

Termites 20, 21

UFFI & Foam Insulations 12

Unoccupied Homes 11

Water 25, 26

Weatherization 24

Wood Stove Heating 31

Handbook Pricing


Your choice on cover
(front and back, inside and out)

3,000 handbooks


2,000 handbooks


1,000 handbooks



Stamp name or glue business card on front cover

250 handbooks


100 handbooks


50 handbooks


Less than 50




Summary & Contract
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Structure Page 2
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Baths Page 1
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Baths Page 2
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Exterior Page 1
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Optional Page
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    Print out and mark any text changes you wish.  Fax it to us at (413) 684-5054.
 We will typeset and fax a proof back to you.

Note: Our report forms are 8.5 x 11 inches, standard size.

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Phone: 1-800-338-0095  OR  1-413-684-2019
Fax: 1-413-684-5054
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1303, Hinsdale, MA    01235
Physical Address: 805 Grange Hall Rd, Dalton, MA   01226

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