Finn & Associates, Consulting Engineers, Inc.  has been servicing
western Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Vermont since 1984.


Drew Finn has personally inspected
over 12,000 homes
totalling 2.9 Billion Dollars!


Inspection includes:

Being an engineering company, we study your house, methodically searching for clues, and putting them together to form an evaluation of your house.

Our inspection meets the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Standards of Practice. These standards outline what a Home Inspection must cover.

Also, some people may try to promote their business by claiming years of experience in a single field. The profession of Home Inspecting is a very diverse area of work. Since most contractors hire other people to do much of the skilled trade work such as electrical, plumbing, and heating, they are often not experienced enough to properly inspect your home.

A professional Home Inspector has specialized diagnostic techniques to locate deficiencies and failures. Many times we have had to return to a house to show the "professionals" in a particular field where the problem is. For example, we have had to show the heating contractors where the failure in the hot air furnace is. They may be able to "install a heating system blindfolded," but may not have the specialized diagnostic techniques to find failures.

Finally, a good Home Inspector knows extensive diagnostic techniques and deductive reasoning he/she uses to find problems. All Finn & Associates Home Inspectors meet these qualifications.


Here is a common example of what our Computer Report Form looks like when we deliver it to you.
We Stay Green by sending your report via email within hours.

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The Home Facts Handbook

    The Home Facts Handbook is a manual that we print and distribute.  It is best used as a reference when you're looking for something in particular, but can be read straight through.  We have a copy of the handbook available for reading online so just click on the image of the house below or choose a specific topic in the index.  If you want a hard copy of the handbook, remind the inspector during your home inspection and you will receive one free of charge.


Air Conditioning 5

Air Moisture 4

Alarms & Monitors 31

Asbestos 16, 17

Basement Water 8,9

Decks - Wood/Stain 13

Electric 13,14

Heating Systems 27, 28

Home Inspection 32

Lead Paint 2

Maintenance: Electric 35

Maintenance: Emergency 33

Maintenance: Old windows 34

Maintenance: Pointing Mortar 36

Maintenance: Squeaky floor 37

Maintenance: Toilet 38

Mold 22, 23

Oil Tanks, Buried 28

Peeling Paint 10

Radon Gas 29, 30

Reducing Utility Bills 6, 7

Septic Systems 18, 19

Shingled Roofs 3

Termites 20, 21

UFFI & Foam Insulations 12

Unoccupied Homes 11

Water 25, 26

Weatherization 24

Wood Stove Heating 31

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